Officer Zvonko Sarlog arrested (picture)

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Officer Zvonko Sarlog arrested (picture)

Postby KC » 26 Aug 2007, Sun 3:43 pm

Officer Zvonko Sarlog

Cleveland police have arrested one of their own for cocaine trafficking.
The Cleveland Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit, working with the FBI, on Saturday night arrested Officer Zvonko Sarlog when he finished his shift.

In a tense moment, Lt. Jim Muhic drew a shotgun on officer Sarlog, who was in uniform and armed with a 9mm Glock, outside the Second District. Sarlog dropped face down in the gravel and was arrested.

The FBI and Cleveland police received a warrant this afternoon to search Sarlog's home and later emerged with shotguns and ammunition.

Sarlog received the cocaine through a relative who brought the drugs to him from Mexico. The relative has also been arrested, law enforcement officials said.

Sarlog was let go from the force during a round of police layoffs but was later called back.

Neither FBI spokesman Scott Wilson nor Cleveland police spokesman Lt. Tom Stacho would comment on the arrest. ... e_fbi.html

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