Cops are "white fucking honkeys”

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Cops are "white fucking honkeys”

Postby WaTcHeR » 09 Apr 2008, Wed 6:11 pm

Naomi Campbell reportedly racially abused the police officers arresting her at Heathrow Airport last week.

Naomi was removed from a Los Angeles flight shortly before take-off last Thursday afternoon after she started shouting at cabin crew staff over some lost luggage. She is then said to have assaulted the police officers - allegedly by spitting at them - before being arrested and held under police custody for eight hours. She is said to have claimed she was only arrested “because I’m black”.

However, now a police source has told the Sun that Naomi verbally attacked the officers too, focusing on one particular WPC, calling her a “white ****” and a “white s**g”, then calling the officer and her colleagues “fucking white honkeys”.

The source added that the WPC “has been away from work since the incident”.

Naomi’s spokesperson said yesterday that the abuse “doesn’t sound like anything she would say”.

Naomi is said to have been banned from British Airways flights for the foreseeable future after the incident. ... ms-source/
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