NYPD " Business as usual"

Who says there's just a few bad apples in law enforcement? They obviously haven't visited PoliceCrimes.com. All police offices mentioned may or may not have been arrested and charged with a CRIME and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

NYPD " Business as usual"

Postby KC » 23 Jan 2010, Sat 10:08 pm

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Two New York Police officers were suspended after a video surfaced showing them beating a handcuffed suspect during an undercover drug operation.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said he decided to suspend officer John Cicero and officer William Green as soon as he saw the video shot by a witness looking out an apartment window in the Bronx on Jan. 5.

"We simply More.. are never going to tolerate something like that,'' Kelly said. "We are going to take swift and firm action when we see activities of that nature.''

Kelly said that two sergeants supervising the officers were put on desk duty pending the outcome of internal affairs and Bronx District Attorney's office investigations. The department didn't name the sergeants.

Asked about the suspended officers, a Patrolmen's Benevolent Association spokesman declined comment.

The video shows Cicero and Green bending down to punch the suspect, Jonathan Baez, as other officers mill about.

A lawyer for Baez, Jeffrey Emdin, said the other officers should be punished as well.

"If you look at their faces, there's not one look of outrage or disgust,'' Emdin said. "None of them intervened or reported this.... It reflects business as usual.''

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