Officer Frank Addalli of Pennsylvania is a PUSSY.

Officer Frank Addalli of Pennsylvania is a PUSSY.

Postby WaTcHeR » 27 Aug 2010, Fri 10:17 pm

Officer Frank Addalli of Harleysville Pennsylvania is a PUSSY.

Officer Frank Addalli is a Nazi ass Pussy. He want's to enforce "codes" and not the U.S. Constitution? Our Founding fathers would have hung pussies by the neck if they treated our Constitution like this.

I use to wear a t-shirt that said "GO FUCK YOURSELF" in public. I had maybe 3 cops at different times come up to me and "ask" to cover the shirt or wear a different shirt. One pussy cop threaten me with arrest for disorderly conduct. All three cops I told them, 1. Your not my mother. 2. Your job is not to teach me your "morals." 3. Go fuck yourself!

It's who you know and what you know that will keep the cops off your ass. I'm one of those lucky people and I never let the local cops around here forget that.
"Cops that lie, need to die!" A police officer that lies to get an arrest or send someone to prison should be shot.

"In the U.S., a cop with a gun can commit the most heinous crime and be given the benefit of the doubt."

"The U.S. Government does not have rights, it has privileges delegated to it by the people."
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