Toms River New Jersey Police Corruption

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Toms River New Jersey Police Corruption

Postby WaTcHeR » 19 May 2008, Mon 1:51 pm

TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- In a criminal case dating back to April, 2003, Morton Schneider, a New Jersey businessman, will appear before Judge Barbara A. Villano on March 31, 2008. Ocean County Prosecutor's Office will be represented by Thomas Cannavo, who will be defending the police against charges of corruption, perjury and robbery. Schneider will be represented by Peter W. Till. The evidence confirming police misconduct is overwhelming, according to Schneider. His documentation includes evidence of perjury by police officers in testimony and official documents, as well as a robbery of and planting of evidence in the Schneider home. Ocean County prosecutors have ignored these glaring transgressions by police in their attempts to cover up a murder, Schneider asserts.

Schneider and his son, Sean, were arrested following a raid on their home in April, 2003, one month after Sean witnessed the murder of his friend, Al Kushinski. In handcuffs at the time of his murder, Kushinski was pushed to his death by a Toms River police officer, who was assisting Lavallette police on an alleged noise complaint.

The official report on Kushinski's death failed to mention the presence of Toms River police at the scene. Exactly one month later police, using a search warrant obtained through perjured statements by Ocean County Prosecutor's Investigator Sandra Rodriguez, claimed to discover cocaine and steroids in the Schneider home. While the police had sole control of the keys to the Schneiders' home, the home was robbed of approximately $25,000 worth of cash and jewelry. No investigation followed.

Schneider and his wife, Barbara, a Toms River Township surgeon, have encountered numerous procedural obstacles by the local courts in their quest to expose these crimes.

"The misconduct by police, prosecutors and the judiciary has been a nightmare," Morton Schneider said. "The crimes against us appear to be business as usual in Toms River, New Jersey."

The Schneiders have endured repeated acts of harassment by the police, the judges and the township in their long and costly struggle to bring the truth to light.
On March 31, they will renew their attempts to seek justice.

"Toms River's ugly little secrets are finally going to be exposed," Morton Schneider said. ... t-2394.htm
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Re: Toms River New Jersey Police Corruption

Postby alina225 » 15 Dec 2010, Wed 5:00 am

What a amazing post, I never find these type of info.
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