Officer Abram Carabajal Trades Tickets for SEX

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Officer Abram Carabajal Trades Tickets for SEX

Postby WaTcHeR » 25 Sep 2008, Thu 10:55 pm

OCEANSIDE – The California Highway Patrol is investigating whether a recently retired officer “fixed” a woman's speeding ticket in exchange for sex.

Two search warrant affidavits filed in Vista court allege that CHP Officer Abram Carabajal met Shirin Zarrindej of Encino at an Oceanside hotel shortly after her ticket was dismissed in court.

Authorities are examining phone records for evidence of perjury and criminal conspiracy by Carabajal and Zarrindej. She is being investigated for offering a bribe to a witness.

Carabajal, 51, retired in July after more than 26 years with the CHP.

Contacted Monday, Carabajal said it was the first he had heard of the investigation. “I think there's nothing to it,” he said.

Zarrindej, who runs a cat-grooming business in Encino, could not be reached to comment.

“There's an ongoing investigation, and that's all I can say,” CHP Lt. Paul Golinski said. He declined to discuss what prompted the investigation, describing it as a personnel issue.

Here is what the search warrant affidavits say happened:

On March 12, Carabajal stopped Zarrindej, who was driving a white Lexus, on Interstate 5 and wrote her a speeding ticket.

On June 12, Carabajal signed a subpoena to appear in court because Zarrindej was contesting her ticket.

On June 30, Carabajal went to the GuestHouse Inn & Suites on North Coast Highway in Oceanside and made a reservation for the next day, requesting an “early check-in time.”

On July 1, Carabajal and Zarrindej were sworn under oath in court. Carabajal told the judge pro tem, “I did not receive a subpoena. I request in the interest of justice this be dismissed.” Zarrindej agreed with the motion, and the case was dismissed.

After Carabajal testified in two more traffic cases, Zarrindej was observed following him to the GuestHouse Inn & Suites. They entered the lobby at 11:37 a.m. Zarrindej paid with her credit card, and they walked arm-in-arm to the room. Carabajal drove away at 12:56 p.m.

Five officers arrived at the hotel room at 1:42 p.m. Zarrindej told them she wanted to have sex with Carabajal and didn't care that he was married and had children. She told investigators that “Carabajal was her boyfriend and that she was in love with him.” ... atrol.html
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