Police Taser man who's in diabetic shock

News on the use of Tasers by police officers on citizens, abuse and deaths caused.

Police Taser man who's in diabetic shock

Postby KC » 09 Dec 2008, Tue 9:17 pm

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Luckily for a driver who went into severe diabetic shock last month in Oklahoma, police arrived on the scene and called in an ambulance.

But not before they tasered and handcuffed him.

The 53-year-old diabetic man was tasered by police after they suspected him of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and claimed he had resisted arrest -- even though he was actually in shock. The man's truck has spun out on an interstate after he lost control of his vehicle.

The video below -- broadcast by CBS News -- shows the scene in El Reno, Oklahoma last month.

"It's unfortunate in the officers' aspect and they feel extremely bad after they learned that in fact it was a medical need and not someone who was under the influence of an intoxicant, drug or alcohol," El Reno's mayor told CBS.

"A spokesman for the agency that certifies officers says it's state law for all student officers to learn how to recognize and care for type one and type two diabetic patients," the network added.

http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Police_ta ... _1209.html

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