Officer Wayne Lawson and His Alleged Sex with an Inmate

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Officer Wayne Lawson and His Alleged Sex with an Inmate

Postby WaTcHeR » 19 Apr 2007, Thu 4:01 pm

COLLIER COUNTY: A deputy at the Collier County jail was arrested on Wednesday after an alleged sexual encounter with a female inmate.

Officer Wayne Lawson, 26, is charged with sexual misconduct - which is a third degree felony.

A 25-year-old female inmate told investigators that on April 13th Lawson was in charge of her and two other women during a work detail in the employee area of the jail.

She claimed she went into the men's locker room with the deputy. She says after they were in the room, she turned around and noticed his zipper was down. She says that is when Lawson told her to start performing oral sex on him.

She said the act ended when they both heard a nearby door close.

But Lawson tells a different story. While he admits to the inmate giving him oral sex, he told investigators the inmate pulled his zipper down herself and that she initiated the sex.

Officials with the sheriff's office say Lawson has worked as a correctional officer since September 2004.

Lawson has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the internal and criminal investigations.

The sheriff's office says current jail policy allows male correctional officer to supervise female inmates during work details.

Lawson did bond out of jail but if convicted, he could be facing up to five years in prison.

No one from the sheriff's office was able to offer a comment on ... 178&z=3&p=
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