Officer Christopher McQueen is Charged

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Officer Christopher McQueen is Charged

Postby WaTcHeR » 14 Mar 2009, Sat 7:41 pm

A veteran Toledo police officer was charged with two counts of sexual imposition Friday after he was accused of inappropriately touching four women after stopping them for various offenses, Chief Mike Navarre said.

Officer Christopher McQueen, 42, who was appointed to the department in December, 1993, was sent a summons to appear on the charges in Toledo Municipal Court Jan. 20.

Mr. McQueen voluntarily took himself off the department's payroll in September, when he was questioned by internal affairs investigators about the incidents. "We've never been able to get anything from him as to his side of the story," the chief said.

The officer is considered a member of the Toledo Police Department but is not receiving a salary or benefits, Chief Navarre said.

The police patrolman union's contract allows officers, who take themselves off payroll, the right to refuse to answer questions if the matter they are being questioned about administratively is also being investigated criminally.

The allegations stem from five separate incidents involving four women, who told investigators they were fondled by Mr. McQueen before being arrested or cited. Chief Navarre said three additional charges likely will be filed.

Mr. McQueen, who worked in field operations on the midnight shift, is accused of touching the women's genitals and breasts while searching them.

The first incident allegedly occurred on I-75 near the Ottawa River exit about 4:30 a.m. June 23. The woman was cited for traffic offenses.

The second victim was stopped two separate times and arrested each time for possession of drug paraphernalia. Those incidents occurred Aug. 3 and Aug. 8 in the area of Alexis and Telegraph roads in West Toledo, Sgt. Sam Harris of the special victims unit said.

A third woman was stopped Aug. 14 while driving on Telegraph Road near Laskey Road and arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license.

Sergeant Harris said the fourth victim was stopped about 2:30 a.m. Aug. 15 while walking near Oak Street and Navarre Avenue in East Toledo. She was arrested on a warrant from the Northwood Police Department.

Chief Navarre said police officers have the right to search people, but department policy requires that female officers search female suspects.

If a male officer conducts the search, they are to do so in the presence of a witness, the chief said.

"The policy does not allow officers to reach into the woman's brassiere and feel her nipples and that's what he's accused of doing in one incident," he said.

Chief Navarre said Mr. McQueen will face administrative charges once the criminal case is completed.

In 2005, Mr. McQueen was charged administratively with two counts of conduct unbecoming of an officer. He was suspended for 60 days and removed from his position as a school resource officer at Woodward High School. Toledo police did not release details of the incident.

Mr. McQueen was paid an annual salary of $55,055. ... /901100396
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