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When you have depression and your family doesn’t care

Depression, Suicidal and Family

Depression, Suicidal and Family

This is dedicated to my son Andrew May.

Story and video to be made.

Why I want to tell my story – Simple, I made it out alive when others didn’t. When you go through hell and plead for help from family, and find out you’re shit of luck.

Also how they treat two other family members with disabilities.

There’s three type of people when it comes to mental health, those who are stupid, ignorant “who can learn if they care” or they just don’t give a fuck about you. The latter can suck a bag of dicks and choke and die!

Part 1 What a person goes through with depression and suicidal tendencies

Part 2 The Doctors and treatments –

Part 3 Support from family members and friends.

I’m sure you have seen the news stories of the mother crying about her son who committed suicide? The mother always says, if only my son had said something to a family member he would be alive today. I wish my family were like that.

Mother – I’m writing the last part first. For nearly a year at times I sat with my mother telling her how depressed and suicidal I was. I asked her over a dozen times if she could get my daughter or aunt to give me a call, it would cheer me up. I never received one phone call from my daughter or aunt.

 I asked my mother if she ever called my daughter or aunt when I needed them the most? She replied back she never once called them. Then she tried to turn the tables and said maybe you should have called them.

Week later I asked my mother why she didn’t care enough about me to have someone call me. She told me to get over it and move on with life.

Daughter – The phone call I made that first night I was suicidal, that’s something I will never forget. You were the first person I thought about when I called, I just didn’t know I was dead to you yet. 

I asked my daughter once what happened to us. Basically it came down to her not having anything to do with her father, because I cheated on her mother and we were always fighting. So she dropped me out of her life.

FYI I wanted a divorce but my ex gave me a surprise present.

The phone call I made for help to my daughter Amanda was as helpful as a dried turd on the hair of a horse’s ass. She was all worried about what she was going to tell my grandson Thomas, because my father had passed away. Amanda didn’t give a crap about my life.

Aunt – Bless her heart, she’s really one of the nicest people you wanna meet. Even though she was a teacher and worked around people all her life, mental health problems are not one of her strong points or anybody for that fact.. Nor was it important enough to educate herself on the subject. What’s …………..


Part 4 – Only one person per family is allowed to have a mental health problem, others don’t count. That’s how one family member sees it.

Part 5 – How to respond to someone that is in your face and asking you for help.

Part 6 –

My final thoughts –

Amanda M. Frey

Amanda M. Frey.



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amanda frey.

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