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Police reports and police records. Police information on police officers and police departments. As well as police officers personal records will be out shortly.

Here’s a few police officers police records

Police Reports and Police Records on Police Officers

Police reports and police records will be available to the public soon

We have started to obtain police reports and records from police departments across the state of Texas, under the state’s Texas Public Information Act. Records of police misconduct that are filed away, rarely seen by anyone outside their police departments.

We are collecting and publishing police complaints, internal affairs records and disciplinary records of police officers. We also have obtained memos, cell phone text messages, videos and even emails.

What you’ll find on our website are details about accusations of misconduct against police officers and how those cases were resolved by the agencies for which they work. You’ll be seeing a rare sight; it is a remarkably unusual occurrence for members of the public to view these records.

We’re also keeping track of roaming cops. A roaming cop is a peace officer who is about to get fired but quits and goes to work at another department, because of police misconduct or poor job performance.

The very fact of you reading these reports can help prevent future abuse by police officers whose job it is to serve and protect your community, not cause harm. These are police reports from which you can learn much about the quality of policing in your city or town in Texas.

If you would like information about your police department in Texas or on a certain police officer or Deputy, contact us at and we’ll see what we can do.






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