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Janet Cassels

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LUFKIN, Texas — Angelina County District Attorney Janet Cassels has resigned from her position effective Monday, citing claims of political attacks against her. 

CBS19 obtained the letter that Cassels sent to Gov. Greg Abbott on Dec. 19 on Saturday afternoon. In the letter, Cassels said she came into the office as COVID-19-related closures were impacting the court systems. 

During her time in the DA role, the Angelina County District Attorney’s Office was able to process the remaining unindicted cases from 2017, 2018, and 2019, in 2020 and the following years. The office is also now largely electronic, which has increased efficiency, Cassels said. 

Cassels was appointed as district attorney in April 2020. She was an private practice attorney and previously served as an assistant district attorney in Nacogdoches County before her appointment. 

Also in the letter, Cassels wrote she has become a “political target” despite trying to follow the law and complete the duties of district attorney.  She said there has been an “all-out attack” against investigators and the DA’s Office for doing its job. 

“I did not seek the position for power or personal gain, and do not wish to remain if becoming a political target means that resources are being usurped from the public good,” Cassels said. 

She said she was named in two “groundless” removal lawsuits in October. According to Angelina County judicial records, both lawsuits she mentioned in the letter have been dismissed. 

Cassels said she has had to process over 300 open records requests, which Cassels said have been used as “weaponry” that wasted time and were used to make up accusations. 

Cassels claims the attacks against her have come from convicted and indicted individuals with personal and  political goals. 

“I realize that my departure may not cause that situation to cease or guarantee that  the public good will be sought by those coming after, but I have done all that I can do in that regard,” Cassels writes in the letter. “Public service is a unique undertaking and unfortunately, capable prosecution is something that  is not always desired or appreciated, and is becoming more and more difficult to find.”