John Devine – Judge John Devine Will He Come Out Of The Closet?

John Devine

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Texas Supreme Court justice alleges Democrats will cheat in 2024 election, echoing unsupported claims

Questions of partiality are critical: Justice Devine sits on the bench that decides voting and election law disputes in Texas.

HOUSTON, Texas – A speech by Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine is raising new concerns about Devine’s impartiality on the bench after the justice alleged previous efforts by Democrats to steal elections and saying, “It’s going to happen again.”

The December speech was made in Houston, where Devine was the keynote speaker at a Christmas gathering hosted by the Texas Tea Party Republican Women.

The allegations made by Devine echo previous, unsupported claims made by Republicans like former President Donald Trump, except the questions of partiality are critical: as a Supreme Court justice, Devine sits on the bench that decides voting and election law disputes in Texas.

In part of the 40-minute speech seen on YouTube, Devine alleged Democrats would not conduct an honest election in November.

“Every day there are abuses. Look at the election law abuse that happened. That’s still out there. We’re still fighting that. It’s going to happen again. Do you really think the Democrats are going to roll over and let (Donald) Trump be president again? You think they’re just going to go away and all of a sudden find Jesus and be an honest election? I don’t think so. So I think those kinds of cases are going to be back to us in this cycle,” Devine said.

Devine railed specifically against Harris County in the speech as a major area of alleged election impropriety.

“Those were extremely difficult times for some of us to watch the abuse of COVID to use as an excuse to change election laws and give flexibility, if you will, so that the Democrats could cheat in Harris County. This county was a complete and total disaster,” Devine said.

Judge John Devine

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