Christopher Lima – Trinity County Sheriff Deputy

Christopher Lima Arrested Again

January 13, 2023 – A former detective with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Polk County District Attorney’s Office has been charged with theft. On Wednesday, the Onalaska Police Department was dispatched to the Dollar General Market in reference to a theft.

Once arriving, the complainant stated a male subject left the store and did not pay for merchandise. Upon watching security footage, law enforcement immediately identified the male subject as Christopher Lima.

The complainant stated Lima appeared to have used his card to buy the items he scanned, but did not finish the transaction. After Lima left the store, the complainant was able to run the transaction again, which showed the card used had insufficient funds.

Upon watching security footage further, it was determined Lima had “skip scanned” some pizzas, did not scan a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper, and a large gray rug on the bottom of the basket was not scanned as well.

While Lima was appearing to use his debit/credit card, he told a “very young juvenile boy” to leave the store with the shopping cart. Soon after, Lima left the store as well. A summary of the stolen items, according to the Onalaska police department, also include a box of sleep aid, one pack of paper towels, one package of dog food, a bottle of mustard, a bottle of men’s spray, a six-pack of gatorade, a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, two packages of top sirloin, one package of ground beef patties and two packages of popcorn. The total came to just under $152.

Lima was terminated from his position with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office in September of 2021 after a joint investigation with the Texas Rangers. He was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to commit possession of a controlled substance, a Class A misdemeanor. Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace said he received a complaint from a resident of Walker County that witnessed something peculiar involving a deputy sheriff, and an investigation was launched.

Christopher Lima Arrested on Drug Charge

Christopher Lima arrested on a drug charge

Groveton Texas – Trinity County Sheriff and the Texas Rangers, arrested Deputy Christopher Lima, 40, of Onalaska Texas, on a charge of conspiracy to commit possession of a controlled substance, a Class A misdemeanor.

Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace knowingly hired a dirty cop. Sheriff Wallace was well aware of Lima’s corrupt past history with the Polk County Sheriffs Department and simply turned a blind eye.

Another thing about Sheriff Woody Wallace is that he’s a liar. Sheriff Wallace goes around saying how he believes in transparency. Go to the Sheriff’s Department Facebook page “owned by tax payers” and bring up a grievance against his department, by posting a comment. If its anything negative concerning the Sheriffs Department, Sheriff Wallace deletes it. That way the rest of the taxpaying citizens of the county are not allowed to read it.

Getting back to Christopher Lima, he’s been a law enforcement officer for about 15 years, drifting from one agency to another over the years. What ever department Lima worked at, there was an issue about drugs.

Christopher Lima worked with the San Jacinto Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Sheriffs Office for 7 years. In 2014 he resigned from the Sheriff’s Department and went to work with District Attorney Lee Hon. Lima only worked with the District Attorney for 9 months before being hired as a deputy in Leon County.

After working in Leon County Lima then went to work as a police officer for the Onalaske Police Department. Lima then left and worked for the Leon County Sheriffs department again for for a short time and then moved on to work as a police officer with the Corrigan Police Department. After two years as a Corrigan police officer, he went to work with the Trinity County Sheriffs department.

Corrupt County and a Corrupt City

Polk County is a very corrupt county that gets away with everything because District Attorney Lee Hon always looks out for and covers up the dirty deeds going on with law enforcement. For more information about just how corrupt Lee Hon is, visit the Sentinel Alert. Lee Hon has decided to run for State Judge in the next election and Hon has already started lies and rumors against his opponent that’s running against him.

Corrigan Texas which is in Polk County is far one of the corruptest towns in Texas. The corruption starts at the top with Mayor Johnna Gibson, City Manager Darrian Hudman, City Attorney Luan Tatum down to Chief of Police Darrell Gibson.

Phillip Turner “Turner v. Driver” was visiting Corrigan and taking pictures, he got some video footage of the police department and the police cars. A police officer came out and detained Mr. Turner and wrote him a ticket for video taping police cars. The city of Corrigan actual made up a city ordnance saying you couldn’t take pictures or videotape “their” police cars. The city dismissed the ticket a week later.

I have been trying to do Open Records Request with the city of Corrigan, but they are refusing to follow the law and release the records “specially on Office Lima.” It’s in the Texas Attorney General hands now, to get the city to releases the records one way or another.

Developing News As It Occurs and More Police Reports As They’re Released

Below are a few police reports and records that we’ve been able to obtain so far. You may also view them here.


Christopher Lima

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Christopher Lima

Christopher Lima

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Chris Lima

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