Officer Emil “Trey” Gully – Brenham Police Department

Brenham Police Officer Emil “Trey” Gully Accused of Sexual Harassment

Brenham Texas – Officer Trey Gully a 25 year veteran at the Brenham Police Department, resigned during a police investigation of him being accused by five women police officers of Sexual Harassment.

One officer resigned due to the alleged sexual harassment, but all women officers were afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. At the time Trey Gully was a Police Captain and was very close to former Police Chief Goodman.

Prior to being a Police Captain, Emil Gully was a Sargent with the Brenham Police Department. Gully became bored being a Police Captain and asked to be demoted back to Sargent so that he could be back on patrol and be “closer” with his fellow officers.

Officer Emil Trey Gully

Officer Trey Gully had 5 women police officers accuse him of sexual harassment. Trey Gully resigned during the police investigation.

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