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Sandra Doorley

Sandra Doorley.

Sandra Doorley

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley drives home, calls chief before pulling over for police

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley drove home and called the Webster police chief when officers tried to pull her over for speeding Monday.

Officer-worn body camera footage of the incident was released to the public Friday, showing Doorley repeatedly invoking her position as district attorney and refusing to follow orders.

“I’m the D.A.,” Doorley says to the first officer to approach her, standing outside her car and parked in a garage when the video begins. “I was going 55 coming home from work.”

“55 in a 35,” the officer says.

“I don’t really care,” Doorley says. The officer asks her to exit the garage. “You can call Dennis Kohlmeier right now,” she says.

“Why are you so upset at me,” the officer says while Doorley dials the phone. “I’m doing my job. You just admitted to me you were going 55 in a 35 on Phillips Road.”

In a statement Thursday, Doorley said she called Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier, “to inform him that I was not a threat and that I would speak to the Officer at my house down the street.” Body camera footage released Friday shows exactly what she said on the phone in the driveway.

Caught on Camera: DA Sandra Doorley defies police orders in traffic stop

In a story published Friday morning in the Democrat and Chronicle, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley acknowledged to D&C reporter Gary Craig that there was friction in her interaction with a Webster police officer during a Monday traffic stop for speeding.

On Friday afternoon, based on a Freedom of Information Law request, the Webster Police Department released video from the body-worn camera of the officer, Cameron Crisafulli, and of other officers who responded to the scene.

It shows a highly tense exchange with Doorley refusing to follow Officer Crisafulli’s commands and cursing at him while wandering in and out of the garage of her home and at one point entering her home on Fallen Leaf Terrace in Webster, where the stop ended.

After Doorley swears at Crisafulli, he says, “I don’t know why you’re acting like this toward me,” pointing out that she should have stopped on Phillips Road, where the officer, with his emergency lights activated, tried pull her over after clocking her going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone around 5:30 p.m.

Instead of stopping, Doorley continued on to her residence about half a mile away in a subdivision off Phillips Road because, she told Craig, there was less traffic there.

In the footage, when Crisfulli asks her why she didn’t pull over, she says, sounding exasperated, “Because I didn’t feel like stopping on Phillips Road at 5:30.”

She told Craig that she called Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier from her car with Crisafulli behind her.

She said she wanted the chief to tell the officer who she was so he would know there was no possible danger to him after the stop since she did not stop immediately.

During her heated conversation with Crisafulli, she asks him how she would have known he was trying to pull her over and not someone else.

Because, he says, “I was right behind you.”

As the argument continues, he asks, “What is that you’re so against what I’m doing? I’m doing my job. You say you’re a DA?”

She replies, “I’m the DA … I’m the DA of Monroe County.”

“I understand that,” says Crisafulli, who eventually calls for a supervisor to the scene. “But that doesn’t give you the right to go 55 in a 35.”




Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley.

District Attorney Sandra Doorley.

Sandra Doorley.

District Attorney Sandra Doorley

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