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Gerald Eagleton in Prairie View Texas. How did a dumb piece of shit, get a badge and gun? More to come!

Gerald T. Eagleton

Gerald Eagleton at Christmas

Gerald Eagleton

Gerald Eagleton was accused of downloading male pornography while on the job. More to come.

Gerald Eagleton and male pornography

2007 – Officer Tyrone Walker, who was the school district’s acting police chief, reviewed Gerald Eagleton’s employment records at Texas Southern University, where he worked before coming to North Forest in February 2006.

What Walker found, according to the complaint, was “many photographs of male pornography Eagleton had downloaded to his TSU computer.”

Eagleton has denied that saying he looked at “topless shots” of a woman while at TSU and resigned because he used a university computer for personal use.

At Simpson’s request, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office later analyzed three computers from the North Forest police department. The investigation found “several provocative pictures” of a female police officer, Timberly Douglas, and “male pornography” on a computer used by Eagleton at Smiley High School, according to a memo from Assistant District Attorney Terese Buess.


August 11, 2016 – Gerald Eagleton was hired by the Patton Village Police Department in August 2014. Two years later Gerald Eagleton was removed as being Captain by the city of Patton Village for being incapable of doing his job.

Patton Village City Council members voted to remove Captain Gerald Eagleton from their positions due to lack of confidence. “Gerald Eagleton is not a leader!”

“The council felt it was in the best interest of the city and the police department to have a change in command staff,” Mayor Leah Tarrant said. “This was not in response to any one specific thing. It was a culmination of what has been going on for months.

“The council feels the ordinances in the city are not being enforced and there was a consistent cycle of things not getting done.”

“We’re trying to resolve some issues with (Eagleton),” Tarrant said. “We are working on something to reinstate (him). We don’t know in what capacity.

“It won’t be ‘captain’ because we just felt there needed to be a change in leadership.”


Gerald Eagleton was FIRED for “lack of confidence” and now the loser is a police officer in Prairie View Texas. Officer Eagleton resides in West Harris County. More to come!

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Gerald Eagleton

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Gerald Eagleton was born on 11/18/1963. Before moving to Gerald’s current city of Stafford, Texas, Gerald lived in Houston Texas. Other names that Gerald uses includes Eagleton Gerald Trent, Eagleton G Trent, Gerald Trent Eagleton, Gerald T Engleton and Gerald T Eagleton. Gerald maintains relationships with many people — family, friends, associates, & neighbors — including Ngocmai Nguyen, Tony Yip, Hung Le, Danny Do and Cathy Williams


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